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Geneaology of the Dow/Dowe Family

The Dow Family

The Dow Family originated from Kumis, Virginia, near a town called Olaf, formerly known as Big Hill, Virginia. There was a farm in Big Hill owned by a family by the name of Kent. One of the slaves, Samuel Dow, was later sold in 1865 to a family in New Orleans, Louisianna. Before being sold, Samuel married Rebecca Edmundson from Christiansburg, Virginia. Rebecca, better known as "Betsy", was of mixed decent, Out of this union, Samuel and Betsy bore nine children. They are listed below according to birth records:

  1. Charles Dow
    Sons: Bentley, William, Walter, Robert
  2. Lewis Dow
    Sons: Lewis, Joseph, George, Gus
    Daughters: Annie, Alice, Nannie, Mary Sue
  3. Elliott Dow
    Sons: Andrew, Charles, Samuel
    Daughters: Ann (Dow) Jackson, Laura (Dow) Turner
  4. Susan (Dow) Washington
    Sons: General, Will
    Daughters: Lakie, Hattie, Susan
  5. Betty (Dow) Jordan
    Sons: William, Lloyd, Kent, Asbury, Cornelius
    Daughters: Susan, Minnie Picola
  6. Ann (Dow) Johnson
    No recorded children
  7. Mariah (Dow) Willis
    Sons: Lucian, Matthew, Bruce, Clifford
    Daughters: Jenny, Martha Willis Whitlock
  8. Unknown Sister: Taken by Slave Owners
  9. James Dow
  10. Sons: Charles, Earnest, Felix, Bentley, Ferninand, Lawrence, Melvin, Joseph, Albert, Horace, Leo
    Daughters: Ida, Letitia, Advin (Dow) Jackson, Valerie (Dow) Scott
James Dow The Dow home
James Dow; Elaine Carter's grandfather Elanie Carter's Father's House

Valerie is the only grandchild of Samuel and Rebecca Dow who is living. Most of the history obtained, came from Valerie Scott's memory. To date, she is 91 years old. Other history was found in church records at First Baptist Church in Elliston, Virginia.

Text and images from "We Are Many But We Are One," the Dow/Dowe Family Reunion. Hosted by the Roanoke Valley Chapter, Roanoke, Va., July 21-23, 1995.

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