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One of the First Six Black Women Students at Virginia Tech : Chiquita Hudson Chiquita Hudson

Chiquita Laver Hudson came to Virginia Tech as a freshman in 1966 to study aerospace engineering. Because of a medical condition, she was assigned a single room in Hillcrest. She had requested a single because she did not wish to disturb her roommate when she was ill. When the parents of the white roommate assigned to Linda Adams in Eggleston refused to have their daughter room with Linda, Chiquita was asked to move to Eggleston to room with Linda, and she agreed. (See Marguerite Harper Scott's interview, part 2.) Chiquita died of lupus the summer after her freshman year. She was from Hampton, Virginia.

Chiquita Hudson and friends

From left, Jackie Butler, Linda Adams, and Chiquita Hudson. From Linda Edmonds Turner's scrapbook.

Chiquita Hudson and friends

From left, Chiquita Hudson, Marguerite Harper, and Linda Adams. From Linda Edmond Turner's scrapbook.

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