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One of the First Six Black Women Students at Virginia Tech : Marguerite Laurette Harper Scott Picture of Marguerite Harper from 1968 Bugle Picture of Marguerite Harper from 1970 Bugle
Marguerite Harper in the 1968 Bugle. Marguerite Harper in the 1970 Bugle.

Marguerite Laurette Harper Scott
Virginia Tech class of:
Date of Interview:
2 March 1996
Location of Interview:
Donaldson Brown Hotel, Blacksburg, Virginia
Tamara Kennelly
Cindy McLaughlin, Cynthia Hurd

Interview Excerpt:

Marguerite is talking about the students' attempt to move the Confederate flag out of the stadium.
Listen to Marguerite(1.3MB).

Finally, there was a game that was televised, and my parents looked at it, you know. They were proud--they might see their daughter in the stands or something. That night my mother called me and said, "Are you all right?" And I said, "Yes, why do you ask?" She said, "Well after I saw that rebel flag flying everywhere and 'Dixie' playing over and over again..." She said, "My God, maybe I have made a mistake making this girl go up to Blacksburg, Virginia."

Marguerite Harper Scott Oral History Interview Transcript

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