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Many of the Bugles for this decade has been digitized and in PDF format. Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to read this files. Available issues are listed to the right.

"Lessons to grow on
As the lazy days of summer drew to a close, we saw that the beginning of the academic year lay on the horizon...No matter what the situation, none of us quite knew what lay in store for us in the school year...but all-in-all, the most important lesson that we learned during this time was who we were as individuals and what that meant. And that was one lesson to grow on.

(from the Opening of the 1997 Bugle)

1990[PDF 91.1MB]
1991[PDF 85MB]
1992[PDF 98MB]
1993[PDF 84MB]
1994[PDF 85MB]
1995[PDF 89MB]
1996[PDF 89MB]
1997[PDF 41MB]
1998[PDF 89MB]
1999[PDF 100MB]

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