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The Bugle 1898
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Dedication 3 A Precocious Rat 101
Frontispiece 4 "Armageddon" 106
Contents 5 My Cousin Dorothy 113
The Bugle Board in its Infancy 6 College Publications--Illustration 121
The Bugle Board 7 College Publications 122
Editor's Note 8 Literary Societies--Illustration 127
Calender 10 Lee Literary Society 129
Board of Visitors 11 Maury Literary Society 130
Faculty--Illustration 12 Athletics--Illustration 133
Faculty and Officers 13 Athletics 134
Alumni Association 15 Baseball--Illustration 136
Graduate Students, 1897-98 16 Baseball 137
Senior Class--Illustration 20-21 Football--Illustration 138
Senior Class 22 Football 139
Junior Class--Illustration 44 Clubs and Organizations--Illustration 143
Junior Class 45 Young Men's Christian Association 144
Sophomore Class--Illustration 54 Brotherhood of St. Andrew 146
Sophomore Class 55 Engineering Club 147
Freshman Class--Illustration 66 Thespian Club--Illustration 148
Freshman Class 67 Thespian Club 149
Noblesse Oblige 78 The German Club--Illustration 150
Lena--Poem 87 The German Club 151
A Legend of Lover's Leap 88 Mandolin and Glee Club--Illustration 152
Indian Pipes 93 Mandolin and Glee Club 153
White Thorn 96 Puffs and Queues 154

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