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The Bugle 1898
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Knights of the Ruby Lamp 155 Military--Illustration 183
Skating Club 156 Commissioned Officers--Illustration 184
Rooters 158 Corps of Cadets 185
The Bachelor's Club 159 Corps of Cadets--Illustration 186
Bicycle Club 160 Battery E--Illustration 188
Stamp Club 161 Battery E 189
S.P.C. 162 Cadet Band--Illustration 190
T.C.O. 163 Cadet Band 191
Richmond Club--Illustration 164 Intercollegiate Rifle Contest 192
Richmond Club 165 Drags and Gags--Illustration 193
Petersburg Club 166 Applied Quotations 194
Norfolk Club 167 In Loving Remembrance 197
North Carolina Club 168 The Bugle Election 198
Pulaski Club 169 Societie des Billards 201
Sleepy Hollow Gormandizers 170 Auld Lang Syne 202
Shades Inn Club 171 The Sons of Rest 203
The Imperial Club 172 History 204
Farmers Alliance 173 The Hoodoo 206
W.C.T.U. 174 Here, There, and Everywhere 207
Harvey's Meadow 175 Institute Statistics 208
P.T.H. 176 Finals--Illustration 209
R.R.R.R. 177 Commencement Excercises, 1897 210
The Fifth Division--Illustration 178 Degrees Conferred 212
The Fifth Division 179 Commencement Exercises, 1898 213
Volunteer of Corps to Governor 182 Advertisments 216

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