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Virginia Tech Historical Data Book:
Editor's Forward

This Centennial edition of the Virginia Polytehcnic Institute and State University Historical Data Book is a revision and up-dating of an earlier edition, published in January 1964 as Vol. LVII, No. 3, of the Bulletin series.

It was the intent of the first edition, as it is of this edition, to put interesting data about the University in a digested, quasi-almanac format that is easy to use. The Data Book makes no claim toward being a substitute for the excellent and highly readable official Centennial history, published in March 1972: The First 100 Years (A History of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University) by Dr. Duncan Lyle Kinnear.

Some of the less important information in the first Data Book has been eliminated in this edition, but the new information and rearrangement of certain sections should prove to be of more use and interest to those readers wanting to know more about Tech facts and figures.

One of the valuable and expected results of printing the first edition of the Data Book eight years ago has been the subsequent correction of many widely believed facts and legends about the University. Some of the recently discovered facts may not be as interesting as the formerly accepted legends, but it is believed that the information contained herein is an accurate account. The compiler is particularly appreciative of the interest shown by Taylor Adams '10 and Day E. Cutler '21 in providing new and convincing versions of how the "Gobblers" and "Highty-Tighties" acquired their nicknames.

Special thanks go to Mrs. Mary Larimer, special collections librarian in the Carol M. Newman Library, for helping locate so many documents; to Dr. Lyle Kinnear for his help in correcting certain factual matter; to Mrs. Wanda Adsit for retyping much of the manuscript; and last - but by no means least - to the Virginia Tech student body and Dr. T. Marshall Hahn Jr., who continue to make this campus such an interesting and rewarding place to work and write about.

Jenkins M. Robertson

Blacksburg, Virginia
April 1972


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