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Virginia Tech Historical Data Book, Section 2.4:
Civilian Student Body

Athough there have always been some non-military students at the university, their numbers were small for the first half-century. By 1930, the number of non-military students had increased to a point where about 200 males "out of military" decided to form their own student government. A Civilian Student Union was established in November 1930. Coeds formed a Women's Student Union in September 1934. The two unions merged into a Civilian Student Body on Nov. 14, 1939. On April 19, 1966, all civilians and cadets united under a single constitution, forming a Unified Student Body (now the Student Government Association) and nullifying the Civilian Student Body.

Civilian Student Body Presidents

The first president of the Civilian Student Body (then Civilian Student Union) was elected for the 1934-35 session. Unlike the corps, the vice president served as president of the senate. The last president of the CSB was elected for the 1965-66 session. The presidents are listed below by the year in which they served the major portion of their office:

1935, A.J. Francis Jr.; 1936, A.A. George; 1937, J.W. Apperson; 1938, V.H. Belcher; 1939, U.F. Earp.

1940, J.W. Massey; 1941, M.M. Bush; 1942, S.S. Cutler; 1943, J.R. Brown; 1944, R.C. Gawthmey (part) and W.H. Rosch (part); 1945, R.B. McCulloch; 1946, R.H. Hahn (part) and T.T. Callahan Jr. (part) 1947, M.L. Oliver; 1948, B.E. Ames; 1949, H.H. Caldwell.

1950, J.C. Curling; 1951, U.F. Kindle; 1952, S.U. Boaze Jr.; 1953, C.M. Montague; 1954, J.H. Swink; 1955, W.C. Latham; 1956, G.M. Oxley; 1957, A.P. Sturges; 1958, R.L. Wood; 1959, R.E. Benton.

1960, J.B. Obenchain; 1961, C.L. Vaughan; 1962, R.S. Barrett; 1963, G.F. Chandler III; 1964, F.M. Dickinson; 1965, F.W. Nolen; 1966, K.O. Clay.

HONOR COURT - A single Honor Court tried both cadet and civilian students for violations of the honor system's code until the civilians established their own court in Fall 1939. Cadets and civilians still maintain separate Honor Courts, but violations of the code are the same: lying, stealing, cheating, and failure to report a violation.

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