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Virginia Tech Historical Data Book, Section 2.7:
Award to Outstanding Students

A special committee has chosen outstanding students for recognition since 1952. From 1952-64 the selection was called "Campus Man of the Year." Selection of a "Campus Man of the Year" and "Campus Woman of the Year" has been made since 1965. In 1971 three men and a woman were chosen as outstanding. The selections:
1952, James L. Short; 1953, Al Hardy; 1954, J.P. Baker; 1955, R.H. Giles; 1956, W. Ernest Norcross; 1957, John L. Wright; 1958, William K. Barlow; 1959, C.D. Cullum Jr.; 1960, J.B. Obenchain; 1961, W.E. Lambert; 1962, Roger A. Shaw Jr.; 1963, W.W. Lewis Jr.; 1964, F.M. Dickinson Jr.; 1965, J.H. Powell and Carol P. Schuck; 1966, L.R. Dixon and Sara Ann Hale; 1967, M.E. Cardoza and Andrea M. Flagg; 1968, W.L. Coulbourne Jr. and Sue Ann Shertzer; 1969, M.D. Musick and Mary Anne Marshall; 1970, D.M. Norris and Donna L. Price; 1971, J.R. Mustard, A.N. Stager, R.E. Browning (men), and R.H. Ellsworth (women); 1972, R.G. King and Constance M. Malone.


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