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Virginia Tech Historical Data Book, Section 4.4:
Academic Deans

The first academic deans were appointed to head four Departments in 1903-04. They were T.P. Campbell, dean of the Academic Department; R. J. Davidson, dean of the Scientific Department; W.M. Patton, dean of the Engineering Department; and A.M. Soule, dean of the Agricultural Department. The first Graduate Department dean was William E. Barlow in 1907. Academic deans, or equivalents, who have served since 1903 are listed alphabetically below:

Barlow, W.E.-Graduate Department (1907-20)
Bell, W.B.-Agriculture 1962-68)
Brandt, W.W.-Vice president and dean of the Graduate School (1963-65)
Bull, F.W.-Graduate School (1964- )
Burchard, Charles-Architecture (1964- )
Campbell, T.P.-Academic (1903-05); dean of the faculty (1914-20); dean of the college (1920-24)
Davidson, R.J.-Scientific (1903-13); Applied Sciences (1913-16)
Dietrick, L.B.-Agriculture (1952-62)
French, C.C.-Vice president and acting director of Graduate Studies (1949)
Harper, G.M.-Arts and Sciences (1969-70)
Harper, L.J.-Home Economics (1969- )
Havard, W.C.-Arts and Sciences (1970- )
Hereford, K.T.-Education (1971- )
Holtzclaw, H.F.-Business Administration (1924)
Hutcheson, T.B.-Agriculture (1946-50)
Johnston, G. B.-Applied Sciences and Business Administration (1950-61); Science and General Studies (1961- 63); Arts and Sciences (1963-65)
Malpass, L.F.-Arts and Sciences (1965-68)
Marr, R.A.-Engineering (1905-12)
Martin, J.E.-Agriculture (1968- )
Miles, C.P.-The College (1943-50)
Mitchell, H.H.-Business (1961- )
Newman, C.M.-Academic (1915-20)
Norris, E.B.-Engineering (1928-52)
O'Shaughnessy, Louis-Chairman of Graduate Committee (1923-36); director of Graduate Studies (1936-49)
Pardue, L.A.-Vice president and director of Graduate Studies (1950-63)
Patton, W.M.-Engineering (1903-05)
Price, H.L.-Agriculture (1908-45)
Pritchard, S.R.-Engineering (1918-28)
Quick, W.J.-Agriculture (1906-08)
Randolph, L.S.-Engineering (1913-18)
Smyth, E.A.-Applied Science (1916-20)
Soule, A.M.-Agriculture (1903-06)
Torgersen, P.E.-Engineering (1970- )
Whittemore, J.W.-Engineering and Architecture (1952-63)
Williams, J.E.-The College (1924-43)
Worcester, W.G.-Engineering (1963-70)


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