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Virginia Tech Historical Data Book, Section 4.6:
Faculty Awards

Two major awards are presented each year to outstanding members of the faculty.

Wine Awards - The William E. Wine Faculty Achievement Awards were established in 1957 by the Alumni Association in memory of William E. Wine '04, who served on the board of visitors for 11 years (rector from 1948-52) and as president and member of the board of directors of the Alumni Association. Awards were presented to the most outstanding teacher in each school until 1961. Since then, the award and a check for $500 have gone to three faculty members elected "at large" from a selection nominated by students, faculty, and alumni. The 1957-71 winners were:

1957 - G.R. Powley, electrical engineering; P.M. Reaves, dairy science; R.C. Krug, chemistry.
1958 - W.L. Gibson Jr., agricultural economics; A.B. Massey, biology; J.F. Poulton, architecture.
1959 - D.L. Kinnear, vocational education; H.Y. Loh, physics; H.L. Wood, mechanical engineering.
1960 - Leonard McFadden, mathematics; F.J. Maher, engineering mechanics; G.W. Litton, animal husbandry.
1961 - Oris Glisson, clothing, textiles, and related art; M.H. Agee, industrial engineering; L.K. Brice, chemistry; D.F. Watson, veterinary science.
1962 - H.S. Miles Jr., mechanical engineering; D.M. Kohler, English; J.M. Barringer Jr., business administration.
1963 - E. C. Marsh, business administration; H.S. Mosby, wildlife management; L.A. Padis, mechanical engineering.
1964 - E.F. Furtsch, chemistry; E.P. Ellison, business administration; E.M. Jennelle, civil engineering.
1965 - S.C. Andrews, business administration; P.H. Hoepner, agricultural economics; P.L. Martin, political science.
1966 - S.C. Farrier, management, housing, and family development; J.H. Sword, engineering mechanics; Erwin Weinstock, business administration.
1967 - H.A. Elarth, architecture; M. Kosztarab, entomology; N.R. Krieg, bacteriology.
1968 - R.H. Bond, electrical engineering; R.K. Coe, business administration; J.F. Wolfe, chemistry.
1969 - J.A. Gaines, animal science; T.D. Hubbard, accounting; F.H. Lutze Jr., aerospace engineering.
1970 - G.H. Beyer, chemical engineering; O.C. Ferrari, architecture; P.A. Distler, theatre arts.
1971 - R.B. Holliman, zoology; Wybe Kroontje, agronomy; Kathryn Philson, management, housing, and family development.

Sporn Awards - The Philip and Sadie Sporn Awards were established by Dr. and Mrs. Sporn in 1966 to cite an outstanding teacher of freshmen and an outstanding teacher of engineering subjects. Dr. Sporn was president and chief executive officer of the American Power System. The 1966-71 winners, all of whom received $500 checks, were:

1966 - L.K. Brice, chemistry; F.R. DeJarnette, aerospace engineering.
1967 - R.T. Davis, engineering mechanics; R.T. Robertson, English.
1968 - Jerry Counts, engineering mechanics; R.B. Holliman, zoology.
1969 - J.P.H. Mason Jr., agricultural engineering; E.F. Furtsch, chemistry.
1970 - G.C. Grender, geological sciences; R.M. Barker, civil engineering.
1971 - L.W. Rutland, mathematics; J.E. Kaiser Jr., engineering mechanics.


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