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Virginia Tech Historical Data Book, Section 5.3:
Miscellaneous Research Units

ANAEROBE LABORATORY - The Anaerobe Laboratory at Tech, recognized as a world center for research and training in anaerobic bacteria, is the outgrowth of work begun by W.E.C. Moore at Tech on rumen anaerobes in cattle. The laboratory contains a major reference collection of anaerobes from the Pasteur Institute of Paris, France. An Anaerobic Bacteriology Laboratory Building, funded by the National Institutes of Health and state appropriations, was completed in 1970.

CENTER FOR ECONOMIC RESEARCH AND BUSINESS SERVICES - Established in 1964 under a $68,000 grant from the Area Redevelopment Administration. Discontinued 1966.

CENTER FOR ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES - Established 1970 to provide counsel and guidance concerning environmental problems to government, industry, and other educational institutions in the state. Managed by Research Division.

CENTER FOR STUDY OF PUBLIC CHOICE - Established at the university in 1969. Research concentrates on the process by which the demands of ordinary citizens for public services get translated into action. Emphasis is on economic aspects of polities. Publishes Public Choice, a journal established elsewhere in 1966.

CENTER OF OPERATIONS RESEARCH - Established in 1966 to help industries and businesses in solving operational problems. Discontinued in 1970.

MOLECULAR STRUCTURES LABORATORY - Established in 1965 under a $300,000 anonymous gift. Includes electron-microprobe and two electron microscopes. Gift provided for equipment and assistance in operational costs for 10 years. Management shifted from committee in Graduate School to Research Division in 1968.

WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH - Established in 1965 under federal Water Resources Research Act of 1964 in cooperation with state governments. Management transferred from civil engineering department to Research Division in 1968.


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