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Bruce M. Anderson
"Pratt and McCollum"
Interview by Thomas O. Sitz

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Anderson: I left Purdue with a master's degree, and I went to Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore where I met Bill McElroy, who was head of the department there at the time. He told me to come on and start as a graduate student at the McCollum-Pratt Institute, which was not too long in existence at that time. It was a biochemistry institute that was devoted to enzymology and mineral studies as associated with enzymology.

It was interesting that mention has been made several times of Pratt and his involvement at Virginia Tech. There's an interesting story of McCollum. E. V. McCollum was a nationally known nutritionist at Wisconsin and Pratt with his Pratt-Whitney engine and his expertise. [They] were both on committees during the Second World War in Washington, and they got to discussing things. Pratt informed McCollum of his problems with his cattle in Virginia, and I had discussed this with McCollum. He used to visit this institute, and he claimed that Pratt was amazed that he went to see these cattle and diagnosed a manganese deficiency and told him to put some manganese in the salt licks out in the field, and that seemed to solve the problem. Pratt was amazed a man could look at cattle and see a manganese deficiency.

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