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Fifty-Year Celebration of the Department of Biochemistry

Bruce M. Anderson
"Biochemistry Committee"
Interview by Thomas O. Sitz

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Anderson: Yes, it was my understanding that the department had been without a department head for a year to year and a half, something like that. The department was being run by a committee being chaired by Dr. Ryland Webb at the time. And the university had had a committee of well-known biochemists from around the country to come in and evaluate the Department of Biochemistry and Nutrition at Virginia Tech and to recommend to the university what might be done to further develop the department here.

Sitz: Yes, I remember when that committee came in, they even interviewed students. They met with a group of graduate students. I was one of that group, and we had a one-hour chat with them.

Anderson: Yes, right. When I came in, I didn't realize that most of my time interviewing would be spent with Vice President Malpass (Leslie S.) and President Hahn, at the time who were involved in this previous evaluation process. It was their instructions to me at that time that my responsibilities, if I accepted a position here, was to follow the recommendations of this committee with respect to further development of biochemistry. These recommendations dealt with converting the department more into an independent research oriented department as opposed to one more involved in being an analytical tool for other agricultural sciences at the university.

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