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Fifty-Year Celebration of the Department of Biochemistry

Ruben W. (Charlie) Engel
"Vision for Biochemistry"
Interview by G.E. (Ed) Bunce

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Bunce: What was your vision at that time, Charlie, of what you perceived, of what you foresaw that you would like to create at Virginia Tech?

Engel: Well I had the impression that the agricultural chemistry that existed at Virginia Tech was largely an assemblage of analysts, chemical analysts who were serving the rest of the school of agriculture with analytical services, and I felt that there was really nothing in the program that indicated any interest in establishing a research program that was specifically to serve not only the rest of the ag school but also to serve the science of biochemistry and particularly nutritional biochemistry. So I had a vision that was the task that needed to be accomplished beginning with a faculty that was largely oriented towards providing service, which is a noble profession. So that's kind of what I saw was the challenge.

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