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Roderick Young
"Pesticide Elimination through Composting"
Interview by Robert R. Schmidt

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Schmidt: ...Didn't you in recent years develop some kind of a composting system?

Young: We developed a composting procedure where you can actually get rid of the pesticide itself by composting. The "compost team" included Don Mullins (Entomology), Glenn Hetzel (Biosystems Engineering), and Duane Berry (Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences). We had several changes and protocol developments through the years. We put the contaminated material in pits at first and then we did discover you have to have a mineral source, and an energy source.

Schmidt: And air probably, good air circulation?

Young: Yes, so we would mix the waste material with the pesticide in it with cornmeal, a mineral mix, and fertilizer. The carbohydrate was cornmeal; then, of course, fertilizer for the minerals. Oh yes, you have to have a certain percent of fat, we could take fat like from MacDonald's waste.

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