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Teaching Chemistry at VAMC

Chronological Listing of Teaching and Research staff at VAMC in Agricultural Chemistry from 1888 to 1952.

Walter Bowman, M.A., Ph.D. (1888-91), Station Chemist.

Thomas L. Watson, B.S.A. (1888-90 and 1892-95), Assistant Station Chemist. (1892-3, Institute in Mineralogy; 1893-4, Institute in Mineralogy and Geology). (Watson earned the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, B.S.A., at VAMC in 1890 and the M.S. in 1893).

B. F. Finney, B.S.A. (1888-89), Assistant Station Chemist (Finney earned the B.S.A. in Science Agriculture at VAMC in 1888).

John M. McBryde, Ph.D., L.L.D., (1891-99), Professor of Agricultural Chemistry (also President of VAMC and Director, Virginia Agriculture Experiment Station).

Robert J. Davidson, M.A. (1891-1904), Station Chemist (1891-99), Professor of Analytical Chemistry, (1899-1904), Professor of Analytical Chemistry and Agricultural Chemistry, (1904-15), Dean of Scientific Department and Professor of Chemistry.

A. T. Eskridge, B.S. (1895-99), Assistant Station Chemist, (1895-96), Institute in Geology and Mineralogy, (1896-98), Institute in Geology and German, (1899-1901), Institute in Geology, Analytical Chemistry and German. (Eskridge earned the B.S. in 1894 at VAMC).

W. B. Ellett, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. (1895-1900), Assistant Station Chemist, (1896-99) and (1905-06), Institute in Chemistry (1896-99). (Ellett earned the B.S. at VAMC in 1894, the M.S. in 1896 at VAMC, and the Ph.D. at Gottingen Germany in 1905).

J. H. Gibboney, B.S. (1901-02), Assistant Station Chemist. (Gibboney earned the B.S. at VAMC in 1901).

J. B. Hubbard, B.S. (1901-02), Assistant Station Chemist. (Hubbard earned the B.S. at VAMC in 1901).

C. W. Harrison, B.S. (1902-03), Assistant Chemist, VAES, (Harrison earned the B.S. degree at VAMC in 1902).

J. B. McBryde, A.B. and C.E. (1903-10), Assistant Chemist, VAES (1903-04), Assistant Professor of Chemistry (1904-05), Associate Professor of Chemistry (1905-07), Professor of Chemistry (1907-10).

Harry H. Hill, B.S. and M.S. (1906-52), Assistant Station Chemist, (1906-13) Associate Station Chemist (1913- ), (Hill earned the B.S. degree at VAMC in 1907 and the M.S. in 1909).

S. M. Herrick, B.S.A. (Bachelor of Science in Agriculture) Assistant Chemist, VAES (1906-09), (source of the degree not known).

W. G. Harris, B.S. and M.S., Assistant in Chemistry (1912-13), Assistant Chemist, VAES (1913-15). (Earned the B.S. at VAMC in 1910 and the M.S. in 1912; was listed as Associate Chemist, VAES in 1917-18, but on leave in the national service in WWI), Associate Chemist, VAES (1920-25). (Harris also apparently had a teaching role as he was listed in the college catalog Officers of Administration, Instruction, and Investigation as Associate Professor from 1920-25).

J. T. Grissom, B.S. and M.S., Assistant Chemist, VAES (1915-16). (Earned the B.S. degree at VAMC in 1913 and the M.S. in 1916).

James F. Eheart, B.S. and M.S., Assistant Chemist, VAES (1924-42), Associate Chemist, VAES (1942-52). (Earned the B.S. at VAMC in 1919, the M.S. in 1921, and the M.A. from Columbia University, NYC, in 1929). Also served as Assistant in Plant Pathology and Bacteriology, and Assistant Pathologist in the VAES from 1919-24).

Nelson O. Price, Assistant Chemist, VAES (1935-43); Military leave 1943-46. (Earned the B.S. at VAMC in 1929 and the M.S. in 1931).

Woodrow N. Linkous, Assistant Chemist, (1943-52). (Earned the B.S. in Ch. E. at VAMC in 1938).

Rodney W. Young, Assistant Chemist, VAES (1949-52). (Earned the B.S. at VAMC in 1948 in Horticulture).

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