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Bowman, Walker. Application of fertilizers to wheat. Bulletin No. 1, 19 pages, 1889-90.

Alwood, W. B. and Walker Bowman. I. Field tests with tomatoes. II. Chemical composition of tomatoes. Bulletin No. 4, 18 pages, 8 tables, 1890 (joint with Horticulture).

Bowman, Walker. I. Composition of feeding-stuffs. II. Analyses of some feeding stuffs. Bulletin No. 5, 14 pages, 2 tables, 1890.

Alwood, W. B. and Walker Bowman. Potato tests. Bulletin No. 8, 23 pages, 3 tables, 2 figures, 1891 (joint with Horticulture).

Alwood, W. B. and Walker Bowman. Tomatoes. Bulletin No. 9, 18 pages, 1 table, 4 figures, 1891 (joint with Horticulture).

Davidson, R. J. Chemistry of the tobacco plant. (Preliminary Work), Bulletin No. 14, pages 17-26, 12 tables 1892.

Davidson, R. J. Analyses of parts of tobacco plants at different stages of growth. Bulletin No. 50, pages 32-52, 1895.

Davidson, R. J. Analyses of different grades of manufacturing tobacco. Bulletin No. 51, pages 53-62, 4 tables, 1895.

Davidson, R. J. Percentages of nicotine in tobacco. Bulletin No. 52, pages 65-72, 4 tables, 1895.

Watson, T. L. A chemical study of the Irish potato. Part II. Comparison of tubers grown in different stages. Bulletin No. 56, pages 115-44, 20 tables, 1895.

Ellett, W. B. and A. T. Eskridge. Virginia Marls. Bulletin No. 78, pages 63-70, 1897.

Davidson, R. J. The influence of commercial fertilizers upon the quality of the Irish potato. Bulletin No. 92, pages 95-108, 4 tables, 1898.

Alwood, W. B. and R. J. Davidson. Observations on the production of vinegar in cellars. Bulletin No. 127, pages 61-71, 6 tables, 1901 (joint with Horticulture).

Alwood, W. B. and R. J. Davidson. Orchard studies. XVI. The composition of apples. Bulletin No. 143, pages 281-99, 5 tables, 1902 (joint with Horticulture).

Alwood, W. B., R. J. Davidson and W. A. Moncure. The composition of cider as determined by dominant fermentation with pure yeasts. Bulletin No. 150, 33 pages, 4 tables, 1904 (joint with Horticulture).

Moncure, W. A., R. J. Davidson and W. B. Ellett. The influence of selected yeasts upon fermentation. Bulletin No. 160, pages 97-120, 5 tables, 4 charts, 1906 (joint with Horticulture).

Davidson, R. J. and W. B. Ellett. Origin, composition and utility for fertilizing materials. Bulletin No. 163, 48 pages, 7 tables, 1906.

Ellett, W. B. The blue grass of southwest Virginia. Bulletin No. 180, pages 89-96, 4 tables, 1 figure, 1909.

Ellett, W. B. and H. H. Hill. Chemical studies of Virginia soils. Bulletin No. 200, 24 pages, 17 tables, 2 figures, 1912.

Ellett, W. B. and J. T. Grissom. Preparation of nicotine extracts on the farm. Bulletin No. 208, 16 pages, 5 tables, 1 figure, 1914.

Hough, W. S., R. H. Hurt, W. B. Ellett, J. F. Eheart and A. B. Groves. Removal of spray residue from apples. Bulletin No. 278, 16 pages, 6 tables, 6 figures, 1931 (joint with Entomology).

Holdaway, C. W., W. B. Ellett, J. F. Eheart and A. D. Pratt. Korean lespedeza sericea hays for producing milk. Bulletin No. 305, 7 pages, 4 tables, 1936 (joint with Dairy Department).

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