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Memoirs of the First Forty Years, by Dan H. Pletta


Teaching Awards Year Recipient
ASCE Regional Western Electric Fund Award 1965 F. J. Maher
ASCE Regional Western Electric Fund Award 1968 D. H. Pletta
VPI Wine Award 1960 F. J. Maher
VPI Wine Award 1966 J. H. Sword
VPI Wine Award 1972 R. P. McNitt
VPI Sporn Award 1967 R. T. Davis
VPI Sporn Award 1968 Jerry Counts
VPI Sporn Award 1971 J. E. Kaiser
Research Awards
ASCE Huber Research Award (members under 35) 1960 Daniel Frederick
Teaching, Research and Publication
VPI University Distinguished Professorships 1970 D. H. Pletta

Faculty were also active in advisory appointments in national engineering society committees and boards, and served as editors and reviewers for numerous technical and professional journals.

Efforts to improve educational techniques included the creation and production of educational films by Professor Robert A. Heller on the "Mechanics of Materials and Structures" in 1965. This series of 16mm sound films found nation-wide adoption and substantially enhanced the student's understanding of the use of fundamental principles of mechanics in structural design. From 1954-72, twenty textbooks and manuals were written by staff members, some of which are still in use here and elsewhere at the undergraduate and graduate levels. In addition, the staff continued to publish their research findings.

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