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Memoirs of the First Forty Years, by Dan H. Pletta



Hans F. Bleich Vibrational Analysis and Structural Design
Hardy Cross Analysis of Structural Strength and Stability
Greer Ellis Stress Coat Case Histories
Miklas Hetenyi Stress and Fracture Analysis
Raymond D. Mindlin The Dynamics of Package Cushioning
David B. Steinman Aerodynamic Loads on Bridges and Buildings
Sir Richard Southwell Relaxation Methods in Engineering Science
Frank G. Tatnall Bonded Electric Strain Gage Equipment

One of Dr. Mindlin's afternoon lectures in Patton Hall was interrupted by a noisy commotion on the adjoining drill field. A black bear ambled along the road, which surrounds the drill field, and then crossed it and headed for Squires Hall, followed by hundreds of shouting students. The bear managed to escape from the campus constraints only to be shot by a farmer trying to protect his livestock. The farmer was arrested on two counts: killing a bear out of season and hunting without a license. The bear had followed the path Dr. Mindlin chose as he walked from Hillcrest Dormitory to Patton Hall each day. Perhaps he was trying to get to Mindlin's lecture. Anyway, the path was named Mindlin Walk in honor of the eventful interruption.

The Conference was opened by a reception hosted by the school's president and the dean of engineering. Weekly dinner parties for visiting lecturers were hosted in my home and funded by the "Pletta Foundation."

A 1954 conference, like its predecessor in 1950, attracted national attention. Both focused on design, but the 1954 series of seminars emphasized practical applications of new design theories aimed at reducing the time-lag between research and application. Its program is listed in Table III.

* All Seminars were 5 hour presentations except for Sir Richard's course on Relaxation Methods which lasted 6 weeks.

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