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Record Group 3 - Office of the Vice-President

In the fall of 1945, the Legislature authorized the Board of Directors to create the Office of Vice-President. The office was combined with the the Director of Graduate Studies from 1949-65. A reorganization in 1966 eliminated the office of Vice-President and created two offices from the one: Vice-President for Academic Affairs and Vice-President for Administration. Individuals holding the Office of Vice-President were: Walter S. Newman (1946-47), C. Clement French (1949-50), Louis A. Pardue (1950-63), and Warren W. Brandt (1963-66).

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Newman, Walter S. (1946-1947)

(RG 3/1)
Walter Stephenson Newman (1895-1978) was the first individual to hold the office of Vice-President at Virginia Tech. His tenure began 15 May 1946 but only lasted until 1 September 1947, when he became the tenth president of Virginia Tech, serving from 1947 to 1962.

Records, 1946-1947

1.6 cu. ft.
The Records of the Office of the Vice-President, Walter S. Newman, 1946-1947, comprises correspondence concerning curriculum revisions, letters from and replies to other colleges on various matters, and copies of memoranda to faculty and department heads. The collection is organized alphabetically by department, individual's name, or subject.

Finding aid available on the Virginia Heritage database.

French, C. Clement (1949-50)

(RG 3/2)
French assumed the vice-presidency in mid-January 1949. He resigned the position in August 1950 to become Dean of the College of Texas Agricultural and Mechanical College.

Records, 1949-50

2.0 cu. ft.
This collection is primarily correspondence, but also includes material related to: American Chemical Society of Virginia Blue Ridge Section; American Council on Education; Board of Control of Southern Regional Education; Educational Policy and Program Committee; General Education Board; and student alcohol consumption. There are several letters dealing with a Graduate Engineering Summer School. Among faculty correspondence contained in the collection are letters to and from C.H. Cowgill, B.N. Cooper, Frank Horsfall, and T.B. Hutcheson. Also included in the collection are travel vouchers and budget materials.

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Pardue, Louis A. (1950-63)

(RG 3/3)
Pardue served as both Vice-President and Director of Graduate Studies from 1950-63. He was also a member of the Council and Board of Directors of the Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Science.

Records, 1945-63

24 cu. ft.
This collection consists primarily of correspondence relating to Pardue's duties both as Vice-President and Director of Graduate Studies. However, there are also extensive correspondence and other material of the Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Science (ORINS). VPI was a member of ORINS and Pardue served on the Council and Board of Directors.

Also included in the collection are: Education Policy and Program Committee minutes (1950-51); correspondence with the General Education Board; correspondence, proposals, and committee minutes concerning establishment of joint Home Economics program for VPI and Radford; annual reports (1949-51), monthly bulletins, and circulars of Southern Association of Colleges and Universities; minutes, newsletters and other items of Board of Control for Southern Regional Education; correspondence with President Newman; a report from the Engineering Faculty concerning military situation at VPI; notices, memoranda, and reports from the Federal Communications Commission Joint Committee on Educational Television; Graduate Committee minutes (1949-55); a list of advanced degrees given from 1889-1950; memoranda, general rules, articles and other items dealing with the Corps of Cadets and ROTC; correspondence, minutes, and other items concerning the National Collegiate Athletic Association; news releases; speech material; questionnaires on various subjects; State Board of Education material; Student Activities Committee material including charters and other items of various student organizations; correspondence and reports dealing with the VPI Educational Foundation; minutes and other material from conferences of Deans of Graduate Schools (1948-54); Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools Committee on Standards and Reports material; Centennial Committee material; scattered Academic Council minutes and course proposals.

The ORINS material includes correspondence, annual reports, Board of Directors minutes, budget reports, project reports and proposals, organizational charts, news releases, and Glenwood School drawings (architectural layouts for proposed addition to ORINS).

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Brandt, Warren (1963-66)

(RG 3/4)

Records, 1963-68

18 cu. ft.
This collection consists primarily of the correspondence of Warren Brandt in his capacity as Vice-President. However, it also includes many of his files from his period as Executive Vice-President (1968). There is material concerning budget matters, Center for Research in College Instruction of Science and Math, Corps of Cadets, the Dean of Students, EDUCOM, Engineering Experiment Station, ROTC, Student Government Association, Student Activities Committee, Summer School, and Visiting Scholars Program.

Finding aid available on the Virginia Heritage database.

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