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Record Group 8 - Office of Student Affairs

In 1923, a Dean of Students was appointed by the Board of Visitors. However, this position was dissolved in 1924 and its duties transferred to the Dean of the College. Then in 1939, a Civilian Student Advisor was appointed. A Director of Student Affairs was appointed in 1945. From 1952-58, the position was called Director of Students and Coordinator of Student Activities. The position became Director of Student Affairs and Dean of Students in 1963. On 1 September 1968, the position of Vice-President for Student Affairs was established.

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Dean of Students

(RG 8/2)
In 1923, President Burruss recommended to the Board of Visitors that a dean to work in the area of student activities be appointed. Dr. Henry F. Holtzclaw was hired to be Dean of Students. He also held the titles of Dean of the School of Business Administration and Professor of Economics. The following year, Holtzclaw did not return and the position of Dean of Students was abolished. Officially, the responsibilities of that office were transferred to the office of the Dean of the College, but unofficially the duties were divided between the Dean of the College and the Secretary of the YMCA.

Records, 1923-24

0.4 cu. ft.
This collection consists of Dean Holtzclaw's correspondence concerning student matters. Subjects include athletic schedules, exam schedules, absences, and student activities and organizations. There are also copies of sworn statements by students indicating that they "had no part in printing" certain words on Academic Building #2.

Dining Services

(RG 8/2/1j)
The Dining Services department of Virginia Tech is a part of the Division of Student Affairs (DSA), lead by the Vice President for Student Affairs. It was previously known as the Culinary Services department and the Dining Programs department as well as being combined with what is now the Housing and Residence Life department, also within the DSA.

Records, 1994-2013

9.71 cu. ft.
The Virginia Tech Dining Services Records primarily comprise award submission scrapbooks for events and dinners hosted by the Dining Services department of the Division of Student Affairs that were compiled and submitted for awards from 1994 through 2013. Awards include the the National Association of College and University Food Services's Loyal E. Horton Dining Awards, Most Innovative Nutrition Program Contest, and Vegetarian Marketplace Competition as well as Cuisine Creators's Vegan Recipe Contest and Most Creative Nutrition Month Promotion. A 2009 schematic design for the food court Turner Place at Lavery Hall is also included.

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Corps of Cadets

(RG 8/4)
Two cadet companies were organized in 1872-73, but the Corps of Cadets was not officially established until 1891-92. The first Commandant of Cadets was General J.H. Lane, appointed in 1872. Commandants have been appointed by the Board of Visitors since that time, except for 1880-81 when the Board failed to appoint either a Commandant or a president, so the acting president appointed a senior cadet as acting Commandant. In 1966, this post was put under the Dean of Students (now Vice- President of Student Affairs). From 1908 to 1964, a president of the Corps was elected each year. This individual's primary responsibility was to serve as chairman of the Cadet Senate. The first constitution of the Corps was adopted in 1908. Both civilian and cadet units served under this single constitution until 1916 when a Unified Student Body was formed (now the Student Government Association). For a chronological list of Corps units, under their original names, as well as lists of Commanders, Commandants, and Presidents of the Corps, see Historical Data Book 1872-1972.

Records, 1924-73

3.2 cu. ft.
This collection includes Corps of Cadets Senate minutes and related material (1924/25-1969/70), Executive Committee minutes and related material (1924/25-1969/70), Corps of Cadets correspondence (1927-1959), Assistant Commandant's correspondence (1946-50, 1958-69), and a photo scrapbook ("Ye Ole D Country Club", 300 photos, 1962-early 1970s).

Newspaper Clippings

The University Archives also has newspaper clippings and articles on the Corps of Cadets. There are mounted clippings from 1895-1960 (classification Mo 16) and clippings maintained in file folders from 1960-present (RG 8/4).


Photographs of the Corps of Cadets from its beginning to present are maintained in the VPI Historical Photograph Collection.

Memorabilia, 1892-1970

Memorabilia from the Corps of Cadets contained in the University Archives includes: Cadet uniforms; Shoulder cords (1900, 1940, 1970); buttons and shoulder boards (pre-1900); stripes (pre-1892 and pre-1925); a leather holder for a sword; a breast plate; a brass eagle top for a flagpole; and various other items.

Director of Health Services

(RG 8/6)
The Report of the College for 1875-76 states that "a hospital has been provided and a physician appointed to furnish attendance and medicine to sick students." After being in several locations, the Infirmary moved to the oldest section of Henderson Hall in 1902. In 1920, the health department was established and a full-time health officer appointed. Prior to that time, the duties were performed by the office of the College Surgeon.

Records, 1914-16

1 vol.
This one volume "Sick Book" contains a listing of students by dates of contact with the Infirmary.

  • Student Health Service, Virginia Tech (LD5655 A4)

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