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Record Group 9 - University Council

Originally known as the Council of Administration, this body was formed in 1920-21 "to assist the president of the institution in administrative matters, chiefly concerning students." (Previous to that time, an "Executive Council" had much the same purpose.) Later, the scope of the council was expanded to include academic matters and its name was changed to the Academic Council. In 1966, the name was changed to the University Council.

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Minutes, 1952-Present

2.0 cu. ft. (RG 9-a)

Course Proposals, 1967-76

5.0 cu. ft. (RG 9-c)
All course proposals must be approved by the University Council before becoming effective. These proposals include additions, modifications, revisions, and deletions for both undergraduate and graduate programs.

Commission on Faculty Affairs

Minutes, 1969-Present

0.6 cu. ft. (RG 9/1)

Commission on Graduate Studies

Minutes, 1966-Present

1.0 cu. ft. (RG 9/2)
Originally called Graduate Committee, the group became the Commission on Research and Graduate Studies on 7 October 1969. The name was changed to the Commission on Graduate Studies and Research on 30 August 1973, then became the Commission on Graduate Studies on 6 October 1982.

Commission on Research

Minutes, 1982-Present

0.2 cu. ft. (RG 9/2/1)
This group branched off from the Commission on Graduate Studies in October 1982.

Commission on Student Affairs

Minutes, 1968-Present

1.0 cu. ft. (RG 9/3)
The predecessor to this Commission was the Student Activities Committee (1947-69). From 29 September 1969 to 20 August 1970, it was called the Commission on Undergraduate Student Affairs.

Commission on Undergraduate Studies

Minutes, 1969-Present

1.0 cu. ft. (RG 9/4)

Commission on Extension

Minutes, 1982-Present

0.2 cu. ft. (RG 9/5)

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