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Record Group 10 - Athletic Association

While some sports were played in the early days of the College, the first formal effort to organize campus sports was in 1891 with the formation of the Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College Athletic Association. In 1901, President McBryde appointed a faculty committee to administer the expanding athletic program. Then a reorganization plan was drafted that entrusted control of athletics to three committees: an advisory council, executive committee, and a faculty committee on athletics. In 1904, James Gibboney was made graduate manager and formed a new plan that created an Athletic Council to control college athletics. The Athletic Council governed the body of athletics and the Athletic Association was the operating organization and a non-stock corporation under state law until 1990. In 1990, Virginia Tech athletics were reorganized and put under the direct control of the University.

The Association founded the student newspaper in 1903 and operated it as its official organ until the student body assumed control in 1931. The Association also owned and operated the College Bookstore from 1911 until 1968 when VPI Facilities, Inc., assumed control.

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The records in this collection are arranged by type of sport for the most part. The few records that are not by sport include: a brochure on the College Bookstore; a letter from the Monogram Cleaning plant (23 October 1963); and letters to faculty and staff regarding sale of athletic tickets (1951-63).

In the photograph collection, there are photographs of the 1928 Athletic Council and of Athletic Association buses.

A newspaper clipping file is maintained under record group number 10 and includes various topics concerning the Athletic Association. Information about issues concerning the Athletic Association may also be found in the record groups 1 (Board of Visitors) and 2 (presidents). Information on individuals can be found in the biographical clippings.

General publications concerning the Athletic Association and sports include:

  • Extramural Sports Club Association Handbook (LD5655 A631 E98)
  • The Hokie Huddler (LD5655 V8 H57)
  • Intramural Sports Handbook (LD5655 A3 I5)
  • Virginia Tech Athletic Association Handbook (LD5655 V8 A84)
  • Virginia Tech Sports Guide (LD5655 A3 V5)


(RG 10/1)
The first baseball game was in 1877 against Roanoke College. However, the sport did not become organized on a regular basis until 1892.

Records, 1893-1969

1.0 cu. ft.
This collection consists of compilation of statistics of the Virginia Tech Baseball Team for various years between 1893 and 1969.

Newspaper Clippings, 1895-Present

There are mounted clippings, 1895-1959, under classification "AB" and foldered clippings, 1960 to present, maintained by record group number (RG 10/1).

Photographs, 1895-1985

The photograph collection of the University Archives contains photographs of Baseball from 1895 to 1985. Several photographs from 1895-1921 are with the mounted clippings under classification "AB." Baseball photographs from the 1980s can also be found with the Student Publications photograph collection under the subject heading "baseball."


(RG 10/2)
Virginia Tech's first basketball game was played on 22 January 1909 in the Stone Auditorium (later Chapel and Library) against Emory and Henry. The next season, Tech had its only undefeated season with a record of 11-0. For a list of head basketball coaches up to 1972, see the Historical Data Book 1872-1972, p. 53.

Records, 1960-85

1.2. cu. ft.
This collection includes statistics (1960-70), "N.I.T. Gutty Virginia Tech" phonograph record, and programs (1960-85, incomplete).

Newspaper Clippings, 1910-Present

There are mounted clippings, 1910-59, under classification "ABB" and foldered clippings, 1960 to present, maintained by record group number (RG 10/2).

Photographs, 1910-85

The University Archives photograph collection contains prints and negatives of Basketball from 1910 to 1985. Some early photographs can be found with the mounted clippings under the classification "ABB" and some for the 1980s can be found in the Student Publications photograph collection as well.

  • Kleppin, Jeffrey Scott, Home and Away Statistical Differences in Virginia Tech's Mens Metro Basketball Games (LD5655 V855 1987 K636)
  • Virginia Tech 1969 Ncaa Regional Playoffs
  • Whitehead, Kyle, Under The Hoop: 78 Years With the Hustlin' Hokies (LD5655 W45 1986)


(RG 10/3)
In the fall of 1891, a few students gathered and played the first game of Rugby football at VPI in a field behind Number One Barracks (Lane Hall). In September 1892, two teams were organized and Dean Ellison A. Smyth was made the first coach and manager. For a complete history of football at Virginia Tech, see Legends: A Pictorial History of Virginia Tech Football by Roland Lazenby (GV950 L4 1986), and for a list of coaches up to 1972, see the Historical Data Book 1872- 1972, page 52.

Records, 1893-1985

3.0 cu. ft.
The collection includes: statistics (1893-1956, 1960-69); football banquet programs (1964d8); and game programs (1922-1985, incomplete).

Carpenter, C. Hunter
Papers, 1956

0.2 cu. ft.
Carpenter was a VPI Alumnus (B.S. in Civil Engineering, 1903, and Advanced Studies, 1905), member of the football team (1899-1903), captain of the team (1902), and All-Southern Fullback (1901). This manuscript collection consists of letters written by teammates, opposing players, and others recommending Carpenter to the Football Hall of Fame, including Charles D. Daly, J. Ambler Johnston, John R. Hutcheson, and George C. Marshall.

Newspaper Clippings, 1892-Present

There are mounted clippings, 1892-1959, under the classification "AF" and foldered clippings, 1960 to present, are maintained by record group number (RG 10/3).

Photographs, 1892-1985

The photograph collection contains prints and negative from 1892 to 1985. There are several photographs from the earliest years with the mounted clippings under classification "AF" and some prints and negatives from the 1980s in the Student Publications photograph collection as well.

  • Lazenby, Roland, Legends: A Pictorial History of Virginia Tech Football (GV950 L4 1986)
  • Peach Bowl Special (LD5655 A22 1980a)
  • Phlegar, Charles David, Marketing Virginia Tech Season Football Tickets (LD5655 V851 1987 P543)
  • Virginia Tech Gridiron Guide (LD5655 V8 G7)


(RG 10/4)
A wrestling club was formed in 1910 and then wrestling was made a varsity sport in 1922.

Newspaper Clippings, 1921-Present

There are no official records in this group, but there are mounted clippings from 1921-59 and foldered clippings from 1960 to present. The mounted clippings are under classification "AW" and the foldered clippings are by the record group number (RG 10/4).

Photographs, 1925-1985

In the photograph collection, there are prints and negatives of wrestling from 1925 to 1985. There are photographs from the 1980s in the Student Publications photograph collection as well.

Other Minor and Miscellaneous Sports

(RG 10/5)
These sports include: Boxing, Golf, Gymnastics, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Track and Field, and all Women's Sports. There are no official records in the University Archives for these areas, but there are newspaper clippings, articles, and photographs.

The earlier clippings are mounted and classified with letters to indicate their subject, i.e. "AGo" for golf, "AS" for swimming. The later clippings and articles are maintained in folders and are arranged by their record group numbers, i.e. "RG 10/5a" for golf, "RG 10/5d" for swimming. The list below gives the classification and/or record group number, plus the inclusive dates, for each sport:

  • Minor Sports (overall): AG (1896-1931); RG 10/5 (1960-present)
  • Boxing: ABo (1927-43); RG 10/5/h (1960-present)
  • Golf: AGo (1933-59); RG 10/5a (1960-present)
  • Gymnastics: RG 10/5b (1966-present)
  • Soccer: RG 10/5c (1972-present)
  • Swimming: AS (1934-59); RG 10/5d (1960-present)
  • Tennis: ATe (1910-59); RG 10/5e
  • Track and Field: AT (1896-1959); RG 10/5f (1960-present)
  • Women's Sports: RG 10/5g (1967-present)

Photographs can be located under the following headings in the photograph collection: athletics-general, boxing, golf, soccer, sports, swimming, tennis, and track & field. There are also photographs from the 1980s in the Student Publications photograph collection. For a brief discussion of the beginning of many of these sports, see Historical Data Book, 1872-1972, page 54.

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