Building #77, Storage Lot

Building #77, Storage Lot

This item on the schedule is intended to cover various storage buildings and the contents of storage yard. All of these buildings are frame with either tin or composition roof with the exception of the Apple Pacjing House which has a wood shingle roof. The walls of a few of the buildings have been covered with tin. This group consists of the following buildings -

f. Two story building used for storage of lumber, furniture and cement. Small amount of work is done in this building which contains a motor driven Rip Saw. Building is electric lighted.

Estimated 100% Insurable Value......$2,100

g. Oil House.

Estimated 100% Insurable Value......$50

h. This is a long narrow building measuring 18' by 194', contains grindstone room, paint shop, carpenter shop, open shed used for storage of lumber and storage of glass. Carpenter shop is electric lighed, but no power machinery and is heated by means of a coal stove which rests on concrete floor. This section of the building is provided with two chemical extinguishers.

Estimated 100% Insurable Value......$1,100

i. Building measures 33' by 37' is heated by means of a coal stove, also contains forge; has dirt floor.

Estimated 100% Insurable Value......$300

j. Gasoline Pump House. This is a small metal clad building.

Estimated 100% Insurable Value......$50

Total Estimated 100% Insurable Value:
Insurance now Carried:
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