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A History of the Mathematics Department at Virginia Tech: 1872 - 1995


This history was inspired by an earlier history of the Mathematics Department, written by B. C. Horne, Jr. and John W Layman, titled A History of the Mathematics Department at Virginia Tech 1872-1981. Extensive use was made of this earlier history. Additional sources include: Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Historical Data Book, 1872 - 1972 by Jenkins M. Robertson; The First 100 Years; a History of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University by Duncan L. Kinnear; and college catalogs, yearbooks, and the annual reports of the Mathematics Department compiled since 1970. Pictures of early faculty and buildings were collected and scanned by Kenneth Shaw. Assistance in editing earlier versions and checking content was given by Hugh Campbell and Robert Spencer. Also thanks go to the many other Mathematics faculty members who had a hand in the collection of data for this project. This Mathematics Department history is still a preliminary version. Additions and corrections will continue to be made, and the printed version will be appended with tables of historical data.

Robert A. McCoy
Mathematics Department
The electronic version of the History of the Mathematics Department was mounted on the World Wide Web by Tamara Kennelly, University Archive, Special Collections, University Libraries.

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