Louise Jacobs
       Louise likes a car, and this is
not surprising for she is a good
deal of a sporting model herself.
In the language of automobile ad-
vertising, we may say that in Louise
we have a high power model that
combines great endurance with speed
of movement, beauty, and grace.
Indeed, she has quite the qualities
for taking almost any grade in high.
By the side of a large touring car,
(name a secret) we prophesy for her
a flashy, successful, and happy
journey thru life.

Assistant, English Department
Phi Kappa Phi


Lucy Lee Lancaster
       All work and no play - well,
Lucy will never be a dull boy like
Jack for she jumbles work and
play as thoroughly as the pepper
and salt in the well known mixture.
We are trying to think of a fresh
ripe adjective to apply to Lucy
which isn't over worked and will
cover her points. Oh Yes! Here
it is. Lucy is such a nice girl.
This fact accounts for her
popularity, you know, because one
loves nice things. Well, we'll
wager this woman - wonderfully
winning, worldly wise - will work
worthily and "winn" with winsome
ways worlds of wooers: Wayward,
witless, witty - wise.

"Lucy Lee"

Assistant, English Department
Phi Kappa Phi
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