Carrie Taylor Sibold
       See in Carrie the only Co-Ed
who can successfully hold down a
group of V.P.I. rats. With her
ringing cry of "Dumb-bell" she
quals them to better conduct. But
hush! What's this about her
swearing at a well known member of
the faculty? We hardly believe
this of so good natured a being
as Carrie, who wouldn't argue
with you if you told her Turkey
was a country, tho she would
know perfectly well that it was
a kind of fowl. This report may
be gossip. Carrie is at present
free, white (clean thru) and un-
married. We feel sure that she
will always be free and white,
but - -

Assistant, Athletic As'sn
Basketball Team


Ruth Louise Terrett
Civil Engineering
       When Ruth "Terry" Terrett comes
out on the floor prepared for
action - Oh Zowie! Lamp that crowd
on the side lines, and that group
in the center of the floor. Then
see Terry get into the athletic
section for which she is well
known. Again the floor, a crowd
in pairs dancing over the floor to
the strains (sure enough strains)
of a jazz orchestra, and Ruth
is still in action. Judging from
her admirers, we believe Ruth is
as successful in romance as in
athletics. Well, it takes slim
young things like Terry to run in
Life's races and come in first.


Chairman, Women Students
Basketball Team
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