more than the boys did, and we had a hectic time, especi-
ally with the wonderful science, Chemistry. One of the
professors was even so inconsiderate as to say that our
class of co-eds was dumb. Doesn't speak so well for him
I should say, when we make plenty good grades in other

    I wonder if I'll ever get accustomed to this
life. I've never seen so many boys at once in my life as
when we change classes in the second Academic building.
They needed a traffic cop. It was terribly bewildering
at first but I s'pose one lives through such things.

    Well, that's that for last year. Today we re-
gistered as sophomores and spent an hour looking for
Physics class. Never found it.

    October 23. Went to the Memorial Hall this
morning. 'Twas a big day for Blacksburg. It's been just
four years since the Golden Jubilee when this was planned
and the alumni are so proud of it.

    The game was grand. We beat Virginia 6-0. But
oh! so many people were drunk. It was terrible.

    November 25. Thanksgiving Day at last. The
game. We won, V. P. I. 14, V. M. I. 7. Wonderful! Went
on the Special. Was fun. Had a lovely day.

    December 9. Supposed to play basketball with
Radford tonight. They didn't come this afternoon so we
called them up. Sure enough they had planned to come to-
morrow night.

    December 10. The game was awful, but they had
so many players. The score was 50-something to 5. But
some of the boys were for us anyhow.

    December 17. Exams all week. Such a life. But
it's all over now. We go home tomorrow. Two whole weeks
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