January 20, 1928. The Aggies had their Mid-
Winters to-nite. Had a good time. So cold!

    February 5. Went to the Minstrels. Splendid
I thought. The best I've seen. I love things like that,
college things.

    February 14. They say "The way to a man's heart
is through his stomach." We tried this out tonight. Gave
a buffet supper at the Home Economics Building and invited
cadets. Did it work? I wonder.

    February 23. Went to a tea at Lucy Lancaster's
that she and Mary Ava gave the co-eds in honor of winning
the Bluefield game. It was lovely.

    March 10. Left for Bristol this morning at ten.
There were ten of us in the car and we were awfully crowd-
ed. Got there about five. Played basketball at eight on
a gym floor which was awful. Sullins won 30-19. They
entertained us in the Y. W. hut and we had a very good

    June 12. Finals are always interesting. They
had a competitive drill on the stadium. More cars and more
people! The Memorial Hall was full on Sunday morning. So
hot. I almost went to sleep.

    The dances were grand! Oodles of girls at the
Junior-Senior Prom. Too many. Not so bad Saturday and
Monday; of course the crowd was divided. But I had a
wonderful time. Everyone was so sweet to me. Most too
good to be true. Was like a dream, with the music, the
lights, 'n everything was marvelous.

    The graduation exercises were long; they'll
probably be all too short next year. Just think, diary,
I'm a senior at last!

    September 29. It's more fun being a man! We
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