without classes.

January 4, 1927. Seems like we have gone to
classes a month and this is just the second day. Our Eng-
lish is changed. We are in a section all alone, just girls.
Some of the boys have threatened to come in but I surely
hope they don't.

    May 24. We, the co-eds had a banquet tonight in
honor of the seniors. There are just three of them so
they each gave talks and we had jokes, toasts, et cetera.
There were thirty three girls in all, so we consider it
quite a success.

    June 3. Our Home Economics clothing class gave
a dress revue this afternoon. Everyone thought it grand.
And the historic costumes which were made in class and
worn by ourselves made quite a hit.

    June 10. No more exams. Passed everything.
They had to have the Junior-Senior Prom in the German
Hall. 'Twas hot and crowded, but no one cared. The favors
were Bugles and the girls were thrilled to death. We
could hardly stand in line, so excited, and don't you
know there weren't enough for all the girls and I did-
n't get one ...... Just a co-ed's luck! But a co-ed can
live through anything. It's all over now. Good-bye.......

    November 1. It seems so funny to be a junior,
but I like it. I've really studied some, more than last
year, and yet I've had more fun, more dates, and have run
around more than ever.

    November 24. I was disappointed because I wanted
to go to Roanoke on the Special, but wasn't any early
train back and it isn't much fun just hanging around with
nothing to do, so a bunch of us went in a taxi. V. M. I.
won the game so that made everything wrong. But the
dances were wonderful!
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