do more this week than I have done, I should like to see
him. When you take a basketball trip and give a play all
in one week, you almost feel as if you had done your duty
by the co-eds for a while. Monday nite we practiced the
play until 12. Tuesday morning we left for West Virginia
and played Concord that nite. Good game; had a dance af-
ter the game. It was fun. Played Bluefield College Wed-
nesday night. Tied them but it was a rotten game. Left
Bluefield Thursday morning, gave a dress rehearsal of our
play to the boys' Dramatic Club at three. The boys were
wonderful with the appreciation. Practiced the play all
this morning. Well, we presented "Adam and Eva" tonight.
We were favored with an unusually appreciative audience
which was lavish with its praise. We feel, though that the
most of the credit for our success should go to the coaches.
They were wonderful.

    February 14. Another buffet supper, only we
were guests this time. The Home Ec sophomores entertained
the "Adam and Eva" caste, and served us a delicious supper.

    March 2. I played my last game of basketball
for Tech tonight. That's awful to think about. I have en-
joyed the four years that I have played here. This is just
one of the last things that we will do for Tech. The
party for the girls afterward. Well we can break training

    March 19. Physical Ed. Exhibition tonight and
the co-eds were ushers. It was lots of fun to dress up
in white with red sashes, the latter borrowed from cadets,
and officiate as ushers. The hit of the evening was the
Sailor's Hornpipe given by the freshman co-eds.

    March 23. Our fame in large quantity cookery
has gone abroad. One of the ladies of the town, knowing
how efficient we were last term, asked us to help her give
a reception for her brand new daughter-in-law. It was a
regular frolic. More fun and more cats than you ever saw.
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