surely found that out tonight at the party the town
girls gave the dormitory girls. About half of us were
dressed as men. We danced, had a figure, got favors
and ate more good things. Everyone had a delightful

    October 5. An exciting time! Blacksburg had a
community day with a parade 'n everything. We worked all
morning on our float, was very pretty, but there wasn't
much left of it by the time the public saw it.

    October 18. Today was a busy day. Went to Foods
Lab at 7:30 this morning and nearly worked ourselves to
death cooking and serving dinner to eighty Presbyterian
men. Made a million lemon pies. To-night we dressed up
in our best and went to the President's reception. Had a
delightful time. It was lovely.

    October 24. Even co-eds can get in the movies.
We had a theatre party to-nite and actually saw ourselves
on the screen. So our labors of last week were not in
vain after all and the float looked splendid. Thank good-
ness they didn't show us going in the wrong direction.

    December 18. Well, we are in the midst of a flu
epidemic. Having it isn't so funny, even though you do
miss some classes, because you can't go home when the
others do. Most everybody is gone now.

    January 9, 1929. Don't tell me about taking ex-
ams just after three weeks' vacation. That's what we've
been doing this week. They were awful as usual. Passed
all of them and that helps.

    January 25. We played Radford to-nite and it
was wonderful! Not the score, because they beat us as
usual, but the way the boys came out and routed for us. I
never dreamed so many boys would come to a co-ed game.

    February 8. If any human being could possibly
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