April 25. Well, ole diary, once more I bid you
adieu. I just won't have time to write any more in this,
the last year of my college career. Just as we can't real-
ly appreciate a preson until we know that person, so we
can't really appreciate a college until we know that col-
lege. Everything we have done this year has been great.
The dances were wonderful, the boys were so nice to me, a
co-ed. They've been splendid in everything. And so have
the professors. They've helped us in our co-ed activities
and of course to them we owe our education. And so we bid
farewell to V. P. I. with regrets, but with glad hearts
because of the years spent here that helped to give us am-
bition, inspiration, and an eagerness for life in the
years to come.
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