to sing a lullaby in a deep voice to a leather coat
which served as a baby. Wonder why they used a
black coat?
If they sound as ridiculous the night of the play
as they did tonight, the audience will either leave
or enjoy the play. Hope they won't leave.

November 20. Classes are usual-went to town in the afternoon
and Mr. Blair gave me a ride home. He certainly
has been good to us. Very few people would give
up their leisure time to coach a group of girls'
basketballl, and recieve nothing in return. Maybe
sometime, somehow, we will be able to show in a
measure just how much we appreciatehis and Mrs.
Blair's interest in us.

November 27. Thanksgiving-am dead tired, but what a day.
went with the corps to Roanoke for the last time.
we beat V. M. I. at last. I thought the Class of '31
were the Jonahs, as V. P. I. has not won since we
landed. The game today proved to the contrary.
Sure was a grand game. I would have frozen stiff,
regardless of the extra clothes, blankets, etc., if the
game had been a slow one. The day was wonderful
for Eskimos. It was no wonder Eskimos have such
wooden expressions--they just froze that way one
day when they had nothing on their minds. Gee!
I hope we don't have weather like this much longer,
or there will be lots of Eskimos walking around in
cadet uniforms.

December 2. Just another day.

December 7. Had hard test today. Work sure does pile up on
one just before exams. I am going to finish my
exams early, so will be able to leave for the holi
days sooner than most.

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