Biology Club


Merle Moncure Chilton    Bertha Eleanor Shelton
Betty Virginia Conner    Catherine Margaret Slusser
Charlotte Mae Derring    Charlice Virginia Smith
Sarah Elizabeth Kabrich    Sara Gertrude Smith
Estelle Clairmont Snider

December 9. Everybody must fuss about his course once in a
while, if one can judge by the class notes (?) I saw
in a biology student's notebook.

"Will the last bell ever ring? I've already broken
the truincate's spinal cord in three places. And my
eyes-! I wish I had never heard of a microscope
or truincate. What? Start on the nervous system
of a dog-fish next week? And just think, this class
comes right before dinner, too. We would have
fish on Friday. Well, that lets me out, all right.
I think there shouldbe a law against such classes
as this. Why did I ever take biology anyway?"
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