Business Club


Waneta Bernice McCoyPresident
Nannie Mae McCoySecretary-Treasurer


Olivia Judson Brown    Helen Lenora Price
Ora Hazel Cassady    Nellie Elizabeth Price
Clara Carr Chrisman    Isabel Farrar Saunders
Nellie Viola Creasy    Mary Vernon Slusher
Anne Grover Henderson    Mary ellen White
January 6. The Business Department appears to be starting off right
in '31. More fun and less lectures if one can judge by
the LaborProblems' class. THe dear (?) prof. asked
what kind of stock was given to employeees as a share of
profit in a corporation, and perhaps it was an "Aggie"
who answered "thoroughbred." To top that off, when
he told one of the boys that chapter 20 was "Employers'
Associations" and asked him what the next chapter was,
mother's bright little boy pipes up with "Chapter 21."
Oh! Hum!
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