May 31. Home for another week. Exams, classes, are all behind.
Think I will sleep the rest of this week, as it has been so long
since I knew what a bed looked like. The college would save
money by not putting beds in senior rooms--the seniors very
seldom use them.

June 4. The family and I drove back to school today. Had a very
nice trip. Had to get back for Junior-Senior Prom. Am
tired, but am never too tired to dance.

June 7. Had Baccalaureate sermon today. Gee, I felt funny walking
down the aisle in a cap and gown. Was afraid my cap was
going to fall off every step I took. What in the world elon-
gated the gym? It looked a mile long.

June 8. Last day as undergraduates at V.P.I. Today we can be
dignified and important Seniors. Tomorrow, freshmen once
again in the school of life. Just another class of young
hopefuls pushed out into the world. Some will take the
highways, some the lowways, but most, the halfways. No
matter what way they may take, the friends they have made,
the laughter, fun, worries, tears, partings which comprise a
college life will be something to keep with us always. Here's
luck to the rest of the seniors.
Had better rest some now if I am going to the final ball.
This is the last page of my diary; the close of a chapter.
Adios, School Days.

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