Betty Virginia Conner
Blacksburg, VA

"Jolly, charming, full of pep;
Always willing to lend her help."

Basketball, '28, '29, Assistant Manager, '30,
Captain, '31; Biology Club, '29, '30, '31; Glee
Club, '30; President Senior Class, '31.


Sybil Lee Gilmore
Sanford, N.C.
Secretarial Work and Commercial

"The reason firm, the temperate will;
Endurance, foresight, strength and skill."

Marshall College, 1923-'24, 1924-'25; Ath-
letic Association; Y. W. C. A.; Glee Club;
Cotillion Club; Literary Society; French Club.

V. P. I., 1929-'30, 1930-'31; Student Assist-
ant in English; Business Club; Phi Kappa

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