John E. Wiliams, Ph.D., LL.D. Earl B. Norris, M.E.
Dean of the College  Dean of the School of Engineering

Martha D. Dinwiddie, B.S., A.M. Harvey L. Price, M.S.
Adviser of Women StudentsDean of the School of Agriculture

September 19.Was it three years ago that I first saw the campus.
stood in line to register, shook and thrilled in my
shoes at the sight of so many boys, cards, tables,
and members of the faculty? Today, as I passed
through the door into the gymnasium the same
feeling vame over me. This time, though, there
was something dear and sad about it. My last
year at V.P.I.!

Everything now means so much more. We always
appreciate that which we are leaving. The faculty,
why they are just the same as they were three years
ago. Why are they no longer so awe-inspiring?
Now they are friends. The last of the four miles;
make the best of it my child!
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