Freshman Class


Sarah Elizabeth Kabrich   President
Mary Elizabeth Russell   Secretary-Treasurer


Mary Louise Atkins    Anne Grover Henderson    Nellie Virginia Price
Roberta E. Bennett    Jane Huffman    Stella Mae Price
Lelia Langhorne Cloyd    Sarah Elizabeth Kabrich    Helen Minor Robeson
Nellie Viola Creasy    Evelyn Robertine Linkous    Mary elizabeth Russell
Mildred Irene Fanning    Olivia Rebecca Oliver    Isabel Farrar Saunders
Nancy Pence Groseclose    Frieda Mae Price    Annie Mae Slusser
Victoria Pryor Harris    Nellie Elizaveth Price    Charlice Virginia Smith
September 30. Saw my last freshman today. Quite a nice-looking
bunch, but like all rats they have that bewildered
look. I know how they feel. In my rat year, every
time something new came up, my feet seemed to
have beaten Byrd to the South Pole. Well, fresh-
men, here's hoping you have as much fun as I had.
The proverbial one hundred years may be the
hardest, but the rat year is the best. Hugh! Ho!
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