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The Tin Horn

1925 1929 1930 1931

Women students at Virginia Polytechnic Institute were not allowed to be in The Bugle yearbook. Therefore, they published their own yearbook, called The Tin Horn. Four issues of the The Tinhorn were published. The 1925 and 1929 issues were produced by hand. Issues in 1930 and 1931 were published by professional printers.

The following pages represent a digitized version of The TIn Horn. A brief Table of Contents has been added for each issue to simplify navigation. To view the entire book, click on the "View Entire Book" link, and then use the next and previous buttons at the bottom of each page to "turn" the pages. To view a more legible version of the text of a particular page, simply click on the page. In addition, the other links in the Table of Contents go directly to particular pages.

Designed and digitized by Jason M. Easter, Robert A. Smock, and Tamara Kennelly
with assistance from Shawn Boles and Joel Brown

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