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From the Virginia Tech, v. 66 (May 15, 1970)

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Protester in support of the troops

We are writing to express our opinions on the recent strike on this campus.
We object to the forceful seizure of Williams Hall by a small majority of students on campus last night. They contend that they took this action for several reasons.
The contend that this action was necessary to protest the decision of the university Council. We feel that in making this decision the University Council bent over backwards to acquiesce to the minority's demands. We feel that the decision was equitable because the students that wished to strike were given an extended date to leave without penalty. Those of us who came here for an education were likewise given the chance to study.
Secondly, the militant's claim that seizure was necessary in order to prevent violence. If they had stayed at home and worked through channels, which contrary to popular belief, are available, we would have had another peaceful night on the VPI campus.
Fortunately, there was no violence after all. Some of us viewed the incident this morning. And we wish to congratulate and commend the state police and the administration on the orderly and non-violent removal of the trespassers.
None of us like war! None of us like to see our fellow students killed! But we came here for an education. Is a disruption of this education going to promote peace and harmony? We think not!

Thomas M. Leonard '69
William S. Pafford '70
Barbara A. Ross '72
Stuart F. Updike Jr. '70
James E. Webster III '70

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