Culinary History Collection


Current Editor: Cynthia D. Bertelsen

Issue 2 Winter 2001


To donate materials that may be appropriate for the Culinary History Collection, contact Caryl Gray, VT College Librarian, (540-231-9229) or Special Collections, (540-231-6308). You may also write to them at University Libraries, Virginia Tech, PO Box 90001, 24062-9001. Addison, the library's online catalog, and the Culinary History Collection web site ( can be used to identify publications that are already accessible in the Special Collections' Reading Room.

Donors are responsible for having gifts appraised and will be recognized for a gift-in-kind when an appraisal accompanies the donated materials.

If you would like to make a monetary contribution to support student research or to purchase materials and supplies for the Culinary History Collection, contact Charlotte Kidd (CHRE, 260 Wallace Hall, Blacksburg, VA 24061-0426) or Jean Robbins, Alumni Board Representative (540-774-7895).

Receipt books, the old name for recipe books, photographs, and curriculum materials have been donated by:

Martha G. Akers
Connie Anderson
Jo Ann Barton
Kathryn C. Beattie
Erna Mae Behrend
Shirley C. Belcher
Mary Margaret Brown
Mrs. Curtis Clark
Madeline Cooper
Margaret C. Dean
Elizabeth Donald
Marilyn R. Donato
Mary E. Dooley
Jane Ewing
Anne Frame estate
Jayne C. Gardner
Caryl E. Gray

Johanna F. O. Hahn
Dr. Ann Hertzler
Mary Abbott Hess
Lois Hinkle
Phyllis Hochman
Agnes Jacoby
Jane Jennings
Alice W. Johnson
Beatrice Kalka
Charlotte Kidd
Mary Larimer
Jean Lawhorn
Beverly Lineweaver
Lynchburg Daily Bread
Shirleigh Marvin
Gail McMillan
Christine L. Medlin

Pansie Murray
Rubinette Niemann
Grayson Palmore
Deloris J. Pourchot
Liz Ritchey
Dr.Jean Robbins
Frances Robeson
Inez Roop
Helen W. Smith
Julia Thaxton
Patricia Carothers Thompson
Frances Trent
Carmine Valentino
Ellen Wade
Freeda W. Walker
Jane Wentworth
Virginia Moore Wiley
Betty Williamson

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