Physical Activity - Growth

A Kaleidoscope of Kids, by Emma Damon (Dial, 1995)
--Children in many sizes, shapes, & colors.

Big News The Ticker Times, (American Heart Association, 1996)
-- The animals have a healthy heart.

Body Works Healthy Eating, by Paul Bennett (Belitha Press, 1997)
--what to eat - building foods, fatty foods, water, digestion.

Body Works Keeping Fit, by Paul Bennett (Silver Press, 1997)
--Your body, exercise and fitness.

Dinsosaurs Alive And Well - A Guide To Good Health, by Laurie K. Brown and Marc Brown (Little Brown & Co., 1990)
--sleep, exercise, eat right, relax.

Food and Health, by Enid Fisher  (Careth Stevens Pub, 1998))
--Balance your diet, Read the Label, Learn about food fads and germs..

Frogs Jump, by Ron Maris (Candlewick Press, 1992)
--jump, waddle, run, and more activities.

From Head To Toe, by Eric Carle (Harper-Collins 1997)
--follow the movements of various animals to exercise.

Garfield's Awesome Ski Adventure, by Jim Davis (Landoll's, 1997)
--skiing activities.

Garfield's Ironcat, by Jim Kraft and Mark Acey (Landoll's, 1997)
--triatholon activities.

Garfield's Sumo Beach Bellyball, by Jim Davis (Landoll's, 1997)
--bellyball activities.

Going to the Doctor, by Kate Petty and Lisa Kipper (Franklin Watts, 1987)
--the waiting room and the doctors office.

Hop Jump, by Ellen S. Walsh (Voyager Books, 1993)
--hopping and jumping, then dancing.

How Do Things Grow,  by Althea (Eagle Books Ltd., 1991))
--how plants and animals gain energy, change and grow.

How Many Teeth?, by Paul Showers (Harper Trophy, 1991)
--number of teeth - baby, child, adult.

Inside the Human Body, by Joanna Cole & Bruce Degen (Scholastic Inc., 1989)
--learn about body cells, digestion, blood, lungs and other body systems.

Isadora Dances, by Rachel Isadora (Puffin Books, 1998)
--a brief  biography of the woman whose unique style of dance was not readily accepted at the turn of the century.

Jiggle Wiggle Prance, by Sally Noll ( A Puffin Book, 1993)
-- 36 lively animals walk, rock, drop, push, pull, dance - and jiggle, wiggle, and prance.

Monkey See, Monkey Do - An Animal Exercise Book for You!, by Anita Holsonback with rhymes by Deb Adamson (The Millbrook Press, Brookfield, Connecticut, 1997)
-- illustrated rhymes which describe aspects of animals are followed by descriptions of moves, based upon animal locomotion which a young child can perform.  

My First Book of The Body, by Chuck Murphy (Scholastic, 1995)
--see, hear,....

On The Move, by Deborah Heiligman (HarperCollins 1996)
--follow a child in many daily activities.

Oxygen Keeps You Alive - A Let's Read-and-Find-Out Book, by Franklyn M. Branley (Harper Trophy - HarperCollins Pubs., 1971)
--how oxygen is used and where is comes from.

Shake A Leg, by Constance Allen (A Golden Book - New York, 1991)
--wiggle your toes; flap your elbows; swing your arms and many other exercises.

Shake My Sillies Out, by David Allender (Crown Publishers Inc., 1987)
--singing exercising.

Sleep is for Everyone, by Paul Showers (Harper Collins, 1972)
--sleep and what happens to the brain and body when sleeping.

Song and Dance Man, by Karen Ackerman (Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., 1988)
--A Caldecott Winner, Grandpa entertains the children with song and dance.

Smelling, by Kathie Billingslea Smith & Victoria Crenson (Troll Associates,  1988)
--questions and answers about smell and taste.

Tasting by Kathie Billingslea Smith & Victoria Crenson (Troll Associates, 1988)
--questions and answers to explain the sense of taste.

The Big Bug Book of Exercise, by Roberta Duyff (Milliken, 1987)
--bugs exercise.

The Big Comfy Couch Potato, by Cheryl Wagner (Time-Life Kids, 1997)
--a book about get up and go.

Toddlerrobids, by Zita Newcome (Candlewick Press, 1996)
--stretch high, bend low, clap hands, and enjoy exercising.

Water, by G Jeunesse and P-M Valet (Scholastic, 1990)
--derivation and use of water.

What Happens to Hamburger, by Paul Showers (Harper Collins, 1970)
--how hamburger and other foods are used in the body.

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