Ben and Jerry's Fun Stuff  Games and greenspace

Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site  A collection of reviews of great books for kids with ideas of ways to use them in the classroom.

CSPI  Lots ofpractical food ideas and games for kids

Dairy Council of California  Food and nutrition activities with dairy foods

Diet Planner  For older kids and adolescents

Dole's 5 A Day  Fun and healthy eating for kids plus Fun Stuff for Kids

Drink Milk  An interactive site with clickable quizzes and activities.

Ed Helper  Lesson plans, work sheets for many languages, social studies, math and many more resources.

Family Food Zone  Open the "fridge" and learn about books for kids, recipes and activities.

FDA Kids  Meet FDA's favorite skeleton and see how much you know about food safety.

Fruit Basket  Drawings of fruit and description of a "Fruit Basket" game.

Great Plant Escape  Bud and Spout unlock the amazing mysteries of plant life.

Healthy Refrigerator  Open the door to a healthy heart.

Kids Health   BBC Health and Fitness information for boys and girls

La Casa De Comida   An Australian site with nutrition information in the kitchen, in the zoo, in the lab and in the mind

MooMilk  Very cute sounds, games, and cow graphics

My Pyramid  For children 6 to 11

National Geographic  Go on an adventure with National Geographic.

No Cavities Club House  Games and coloring books plus check out the jungle game.

Nutrition Camp  Kelloggs products, nutrition fun, recipes, and games

Pear Bear's Healthy Kids  Pear Bear joins The Pear Bureau to help kids learn about nutrition.

Pyramid Tracker  Assess your diet for a day and learn how you are eating the Food Guide Pyramid.

Sunkist Kids  Gameland, recipes, and citrus experiments

Tooth Fairy  Talk with the tooth fairy and learn about your teeth.

Washington Apples  Washington State Apples provides lesson plans and activities for children. Kids need to follow The Good Food Climb with the Tree Top Family.

Washington State Dairy Council   "Take aim", a fun and educational game, requires shockwave software.

Wheat Foods Council  Learning activities about trends, lifestyles, kids, and active lifestyles.

Yahooligans   Activities on cultural calendars and food guides.

Yucky  Learn about your gross and cool body, the worm world, and the bug world.

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