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Jean Robbins' Nov. 1, 2000 Donation
to the Culinary Collection

author title place publisher date
Auxiliary Cookbook St. Mary's Hospital Rochester, Minnesota Pink Pantry      
Child, Julia, and Simone Beck Mastering the Art of French Cooking, vol. 2 New York Knopf 1970
Claiborne, Craig Craig Claiborne's Memorable Meals New York Dutton 1985
Gloucester County Extension Homemakers Clubs Gloucester, VA Bicentennial Cookbook Richmond, VA Expert Graphics 1976
Collected by wives of the ministers of the Southern Confederacy United Church of Christ Loaves and Fishes and Other Dishes      
Deutsch, Ronald M. (signed) New Nuts Among the Berries Palo Alton, CA Bull Publishing 1977
Evening Women's Fellowship Sturbridge Federated Church Favorite Recipes from Sturbridge Kitchens Sturbridge, Mass   1976
Gaskins, Ruth L. Good Heart and Light Hand New York Simon and Schuster 1968
Greater Cincinnati Dietetic Association and Nutrition Council Nutritious and Delicious Cincinnati, OH Joerger-Vetter 1983
Kessler, Mattie, Farm Home Service Dept. My Favorite Recipes Richmond, VA Southern States Cooperative 1978
March of Dimes Volunteers and friends Cooking for Dimes Dallas TX P. M. Press 1972
Members of Grace Church Walkers Parish Cismont VA Favorite Recipes of Jefferson's Country Charlottesville, VA Wayside Press 1971
Neil, Marion Harris Ryzon Baking Book New York General Chemical 1916
Oyster Museum Committee, comp. Native Seafood Cookery Chincoteague, VA Oyster Museum  
Ross, Betsy What's Cooking in Bermuda Hamilton, Bermuda Island Press 1968
Schowalter, Mary Emma Favorite Family Recipes from the Mennonite Community Cookbook Scottdale, PA Herald Press 1972
Students of Shishmaref Day School, Shishmaref, Alaska Eskimo Cook Book Anchorage, AS Alaska Crippled Childrens' Association 1954
Twin City Home Economists in Homemaking More Cooking in Minnesota Minneapolis, MN Meyers Printing 1983
University of Virginia Hospital Circle Monticello Cook Book, 3rd. Ed. Richmond, VA Dietz Press 1967
Virginia Federation of Home Demonstration Clubs, District 4 2nd Annual Bake Off     1962
Walt Disney Co. Mickey's Gourmet Cookbook New York Hyperion 1994
Wilkes, Mrs.. L. H. (signed) Famous Recipes from Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House in Historic Savannah, 2nd ed. Savannah, GA Atlantic Printing 1976
Women of St. Thomas' Church, comp. Isle of Hope Favorite Receipts Savannah, GA St. Thomas' Episcopal Church Isle of Hope 1969
Women's Fellowship Bethabara Moravian Church, comp. Bethabara Cook Book Pfafftown, NC Sharp's Printing 1976
  ABC of Cookies Mount Vernon, NY Peter Pauper Press 1961

Jean Robbins' Aug. 29, 2000 (partial) Donation
to the Culinary Collection

author title place publisher date notes
McCollum, E. V., J. Ernestine Becker Food, nutrition and Health Baltimore McCollum and Becker (Johns Hopkins U) 1925 6th ed "mostly rewritten" Signed by the authors, 1962.
Randolph-Macon Woman's College Alumnae, Roanoke Chapter Pot Luck     [1930]  
  Famous Recipes for Baker's Chocolate and Breakfast Cocoa Dorchester, Mass Walter Baker & Co., Inc. 1928 c "La Belle Chocolatie're"
  Baker's Best Chocolate Recipes Dorchester, Mass Walter Baker & Co., Inc. 1932 c "La Belle Chocolatiere"
  Famous Southern Baking Recipes for Better Baking   [Snow King Baking Powder] [192x/3x]  
Wilson, Mary A., compiler Rumford Southern Recipes Providence, R.I. Rumford Co., Dept. of Home Economics n.d.  
  Metropolitan Life Cook Book New York Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.   Metropolitan Cook Book [cover title]
Wallace, Lily Haxworth, compiler Rumford Common Sense Cook Book Providence, R.I. Rumford Co., Dept. of Home Economics n.d.  
  Aunt Jenny's Favorite Recipes   [Spry]    
  Old Southern Recipes (with Peach Recipes): inlcuding Historical Hones Nashville, Ind. Bear Wallow Books 1995 c  
  Calumet Treasury of Home Baking [White Plains, N.Y.] ]General Coods Corp.] [1963]  
Rowe, Ina B., Bess M. Rowe White Gold in Cookery Minneapolis Shedd-Brown Manufacturing Co. 1939 c  
Farmer, Fannie Merrit, Lily Haxworth Wallace, and Mildred Maddocks, compilers Rumford Home Recipes [Providence, R. I.] [Rumford Chemical Works] [1913] Rumford Recipe [cover title]
  Today's Woman Cook Book   Facett   Fawcett Book: No. 108
  Washburn-Crosby's Gold Medal Cook Book Minneapolis Washburn-Crosby Co. 1917 c Gold Medal Flour Cook Book [cover title]
Farmer, Fannie Merrit Boston Cooking-School Cook Book Toronto McClelland & Stewart 1941 c New Edition Completely Revised, with Illustrations; has been rebound
Berolzheimer, Ruth American Woman's Cook Book Chicago Consolidated Book Pub'rs 1943 Victory Binding of the American Woman's Cook Book Wartime Edition [cover]
Vaughn, Kate Brew Culinary Echoes from Dixie Cincinnati McDonald Press 1914 c inside cover signed by Mrs. James R. Vaughan, Roanoke, Va., Sep.15, 1915
Rombauer, Irma S. Joy of Cooking Indianapolis and New York Bobbs-Merrill 1946 c "The "Queen of Cook Books" to a member of the Royal Family of Cooks! IR"
  Diamond Cook Book Minneapolis Cream of Wheat Co. n.d.  
Kansas State College of Agriculture and Applied Science, School of Home Economics, Dept. of Food Economics and Nutrition Practical Cookery and the Etiquette and Service of the Table New York John Wiley & Sons 1947 c 21st ed. Rev.
Deutsch, Ronald M. Family Guide to Better Food and Better Health [Des Moines] Meredith 1971 c inscribed to Jean by author
Martin, Ethel Austin Roberts' Nutrition Work with Children [Chicago] University of Chicago Press 1954 c  
  Making Bread at Home Blacksburg, Va. Ag. Ext. Serv, VPI 1964 Circular 383, rev. April 1964
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