The Peacock-Harper Culinary Collection is a collection of cookbooks and related items housed in the Virginia Tech Libary

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Learn about the Culinary History Collection and the Peacock Harper Culinary Collection.

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The collection is hosted by Special Collections and the Digital Library and Archives at Virginia Tech.

About the Culinary Collection:
The culinary history collection is also known as the Peacock Harper Culinary Collection. The same people and same systems support both but we've carefully labeled all the original Peacock and Harper donations so you can tell them apart.

A committee governs and guides the collections. The participants promote, guide, and preserve the collection to maintain our rich heritage of recipe books and many other aspects of culinary history. The VT Image Base contains over 700 images pertaining to culinary history and the collection.

We also offer a newsletter of interesting and timely events. This is called the Virginia Culinary Thymes.

There are a lot of sites that provide recipes and food information. That's great and we encourage you to visit them, but our goal is different: we support preserve of a rich culinary history for scholars and reference. With over 1900 books cataloged and archived, we have already achieved much. Please consider donating your books or making another form of support to help us fulfill our vision.