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Sandy Bosworth
1515 Harding Avenue
Blacksburg, Virginia 24060

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Seminal donations to the Culinary History Collection
The first two major donations to the collection were the cookbooks of Dora Greenlaw Peacock and Laura Jane Harper.

Peacock-Harper Culinary History Collection Advisory Group 2005
Martha Akers      
Roanoke, VA

Joanne Anderson
Blacksburg, VA

Jo Anne Barton
Blacksburg, VA

Cindy Bertelsen
Blacksburg, VA

Beth Bodnar
Blacksburg, VA

Evan Bohnen
Blacksburg, VA

Sandy Bosworth
Blacksburg, VA

Ellen Coale
Blacksburg, VA

Martha Cobble
Roanoke, VA

Frank Conforti
Blacksburg, VA

Anne Dumper
Broadford, VA

Becky Ellis
Roanoke, VA

JoAnn Emmel
Blacksburg, VA

Suzi Fortenberry      
Roanoke, VA

Maxine Fraade
Roanoke, VA

Gary Giovanni
Blacksburg, VA

Jean Goad
Salem, VA

Deanna Gordon
Salem, VA

Caryl Gray
Blacksburg, VA

Dorothy Hayes
Roanoke, VA

Gloria Henneke
Blacksburg, VA

Dorothy Herndon
Roanoke, VA

Ann Hertzler
Kure Beach, NC

Polly Holloway
Vinton, VA

Agnes Jacoby
Roanoke, VA

Janet Johnson
Blacksburg, VA

Gail McMillan      
Blacksburg, VA

Barbara Morlang
Roanoke, VA

Joyce Nester
Blacksburg, VA

Ida Powell
Lynchburg, VA

Mary Rapoport
Roanoke, VA

Chef Billie Raper
Roanoke, VA

Jean Robbins
Roanoke, VA

Helen Smith
Hot Springs, VA

Daisy Stewart
Blacksburg, VA

Frances Trent
Roanoke, VA

Jennee Tu
Blacksburg, VA