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November 23, 1834 -- letter from Nathaniel Hart in Spring Hill, Kentucky to James McDowell in Lexington, Kentucky

Spring Hill Nov 23 1834

Dear Sir

Since my last to you I have received a letter from James McDowell Junr. apposing me that his father will not in any manner assume to pay me any given sum on account of his obligation in your hands, and proposing to submit to Chapman Johnson the settlement of your fathers estate with Pattons ----. To this I have heretofore and still do now enter those old estates, and I claim on behalf of my children their Mothers portion of the estate in your hands as our agent. This I consider as a plain transaction and I will never consult to make it otherwise by blending it in any manner with other subjects disconnected with it. I must therefore again insist on your taking immediate steps to collect the debts due from McDowell and Flyod and if it is repugnant to your feelings to do so, you have the alternative of transfering Col. McDowells bond to me, and I will collect it and account the those intitled, for their proportion you will find herewith a recd, shaped as well as I am able to do for the bond, and if it is not satisfactory I will make it so by giving one that is. I do not wish to receive into my hands any but my own proportion, and my Attorney may when he collects the money pay to each of us that is Col. John Preston, Thomas L. Prestons heirs, Polly Lewis’s heirs and myself our respective proportions. Agreeably to a statement made by you, and which can be corrected if wrong. We are all well Thomas and John Floyd are I expect ---- this in New Orleans. My daughters Sarah, Laticia, Mary, and Nathl. will follow them about the first of January.

With esteem your affectionate ----

Nathl. Hart

Genl Francis Preston

Received of Genl Francis Preston by the hands of John Preston of Abingdon Col. James McDowells and John Floyds note for $4646 given to said Francis Preston and leaving date the 11th day of October 1816 and upon which there is a credit of $600 I am to collect the amount of this bond and when collected will account to said Preston for the same given under my hand this 24th day of Nov 1834

Nathl. Hart

N.B. you will please hand the above abligation to John Preston Esq. of Abingdon together with the agrement entered into on the 4th day of October 1816 and signed by the heirs of William Preston decd which I consider as a part of the abligation, and Mr. Preston will please hand them to Andrew L. Fulton Esq. of Wyth to commence suit on.

Nathl. Hart

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